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Outdoor Rifle/Pistol

Range Rules

  • Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday, 9:00AM - Dusk. Sunday, 1:00PM - 6:00PM. Closed during special trap events (such as leagues, turkey shoots, etc.) when trap field is in use.

  • General Rules: In addition to these range-specific rules, all General Range Rules apply.

  • Target Holders: All targets shall be placed in the target holders at the desired distance from firing line. Target holder frames are to be returned to the firing line when finished shooting. THE SAFETY BARRIERS ARE NOT TO BE USED TO HANG TARGETS FROM OR SHOT AT INTENTIONALY.

  • Changing Targets: If your target is beyond the steel shed and trap field #1 is in use, you must check with the trap range officer before changing targets.

  • Target Restriction: Only approved targets are permitted for use on these ranges. These targets currently include paper & clays. The use of any other target requires prior approval. NO EXPLODING TARGETS.

  • Round Control: All rounds must hit the berm.

  • Firing Line - Rifle and Pistol: . The Firing Line is at the benches on the Rifle range or the concrete pad on the Pistol Range. NEVER walk forward of a live firing line. Wait until all shooters are finished firing and change targets together. With the exception of shotgun patterning, ALL shooting on the outdoor Rifle / Pistol range SHALL be from the Firing Line.

  • Ammunition Restriction: Multiple projectile rounds are prohibited from the standard firing line.

  • Shotgun Usage: Slugs may only be fired from the standard firing line. Shotgun patterning to be done between the last safety barrier and the 100 yard berm using trap loads, Buckshot or Turkey loads ONLY. If you are patterning, the pistol and rifle firing line must be closed by hanging the “Range Closed” sign across the entrance to the firing positions.

  • Firing Line Control: The firing line will be controlled by the first range occupant. Control of the range will be passed on to the other shooters in order of arrival to the range.

  • Lane Shooting: All shooting must be confined to the firing position you are standing in. There is no cross lane shooting.

  • Misfires: Misfires are to be placed in the approved red misfire container.

  • Cleanliness: Police your targets, brass and shooting area.

  • Drugs and Alcohol: DRUGS AND ALCOHOL ARE NOT ALLOWED ON ANY CLUB RANGE. No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall be on any range.

Outdoor Range Rules: Classes
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