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Range Rules

  • Hours of Operation: Dawn until Dusk.

  • General Rules: In addition to these range-specific rules, all General Range Rules apply.

  • Backstop: Check to make sure that no one is in back of targets. A brook is there for fishing.

  • Target Shooting: Aim at target only.

  • Arrow Restriction: No broad heads or field points with springs are to be used on club targets or backstops.

  • Equipment: The use of bows and cross bows is restricted to the archery ranges only. No firearms shall be discharged on any archery range.

  • Firing Line: Leave bow on firing line while searching for arrows as a caution to others that someone is down range.

  • Cleanliness: Police your targets, arrows, and shooting area.

  • Drugs and Alcohol: DRUGS AND ALCOHOL ARE NOT ALLOWED ON ANY CLUB RANGE. No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall be on any range.

Archery Range Rules: Classes
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