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A Letter from the President

2024 15-Gun Raffle Support

To all members,

For some time, the club has been trying to stabilize and augment our finances. The closing of the bar, the evaluation of life membership protocols, and a membership drive are just a few of the steps we've taken in an effort to achieve this goal.

I'm happy to announce that after several months of planning, we have launched the Methuen Rod & Gun Club 15-Gun Raffle, which will hopefully become an annual event.

In order to make this raffle a success, we will need everyone's participation. If you bought a ticket, that would be great.  If you SOLD a few tickets, that would be even better.  Surely you all have a few friends or relatives that would buy a ticket or two, and all you'd have to do is ask them.

MRGC is offering sales incentives to members, as follows:

  • Work fee forgiveness for 20 tickets sold.

  • No membership fee for 2025 to first member to sell 30 tickets.

  • No membership fee for 2025 for any member that sells 50 tickets.

By far, this is the largest fundraiser we have ever done to benefit the club - the club that you chose to join, be a part of, and support.  If each member sells just a handful of tickets, with very little time and effort we can realistically be sold-out in no time at all! Who knows - you may even win a gun or two in the process!

Thank you in advance for your participation and support.

Dale Shultz

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