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General Range Rules

  • Range Officer:  If there is a club appointed range officer present, he/she will oversee all shooting on that range and will enforce all range rules. If no appointed range officer is present then the first person on the range will control the range.

  • Smoking:  Smoking is prohibited on range firing lines and inside the indoor range.

  • Shooting Station:  No more than one person FIRING at a shooting station at one time, except under the supervision of a club-appointed range officer.  All spectators must stay behind those that are shooting.  Shooting while moving is NOT ALLOWED.

  • Uncased Firearms:  An individual may have no more than one uncased gun at the shooting station.

  • Fully Automatic Firearms:  Fully automatic firearms are NOT ALLOWED.  This includes semiautomatic guns fitted with bump fire devices such as, but not limited to, those produced by Slide Fire Solutions.

  • Holsters:  Drawing from a holster and immediately firing is NOT ALLOWED.

  • Hip Shooting:  All rifles and shotguns must be shouldered before firing.  All pistol shooting must be aimed before firing.

  • Rate of Fire:  The rate of fire must not exceed 1 round per second.

  • Magazine Limit:  No more than 10 rounds may be loaded into a firearm at one time.

  • Firearm Malfunction:  If your firearm malfunctions or jams and you are having trouble clearing it, lay it down, safety on if possible, leave it pointed down range, until all others on the firing line have been notified.  Then proceed to correct the issue.

  • Prohibited Ammunition:  No incendiary, tracer, or armor piercing ammunition are permitted on any range.  For any black powder firearm, the projectile must be no larger than .75 caliber.

  • Down Range Access:  The touching or handling of firearms while others are down range is strictly prohibited.  Firearms must have their actions open, magazines removed, and shooters must step back from the firing line.

  • Cease Fire:  When a “Cease Fire” is called, all shooters must stop firing immediately and await further instruction from the individual who called the cease fire.

  • Guest Policy:  The club and its ranges are for the exclusive use of the members and their invited guests.  Any uninvited guest will be asked to leave.  If they fail to leave, contact the police.  Each member may take an individual only once per year on club property while shooting as a guest.  If the member in good standing holds a guest pass, they may bring one additional guest.  Only one guest per member is allowed to shoot at a time.  Members must stay with their guest at all times.  The board of directors, at their discretion, may amend this policy for designated events.

  • Junior Members:  All Junior members must be accompanied by an adult member in good standing.  A junior member is not allowed to bring a guest.

  • Cleanliness:  You must police your targets, brass, and the shooting area.

  • Personal Protection:  The use of eye and ear protection is required on the firing ranges.

  • Request for Variance:  Any procedures, special requests or variation of these range rules, which may or may not be covered, must be brought to the attention to the Board of Directors for consideration and approval.  If a variance is granted, it must be in writing and prominently displayed during the event or applicable situation.

  • Drugs and Alcohol:  DRUGS AND ALCOHOL ARE NOT ALLOWED ON ANY CLUB RANGE.  No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall be on any range.

General Range Rules: Classes
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