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  • 15 new, factory-made guns are offered as raffle prizes. Visit for a list of firearms included in the raffle. A store credit or an alternate state-complaint firearm may be substituted (if available) if a firearm is not permitted in the winner’s state of residence, or if firearms become unavailable.

  • $20.00 per ticket. Proceeds to benefit Methuen Rod & Gun Club (MRGC) range improvements.

  • Limit of 1,000 tickets sold. Winning tickets are re-entered into the raffle and eligible for all remaining drawings.

  • The last day to obtain tickets is September 21, 2024. One winning ticket per day will be drawn by and at Merrimack Firearms for 15 days starting on October 1, 2024. Winning firearms will be selected daily at random from the established prize pool to select the winning prize for a particular drawing day. MRGC reserves the right to move up the drawing date if all tickets are sold early.

  • Winning ticket holders and the guns won will be posted on the Merrimack Firearms Facebook page as well as the MRGC website.

  • All tickets are non-refundable, including any ticket held by a winning ticket holder that fails the required background check. All Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (BATF) rules apply, including the laws of the winner’s State of legal residence.

  • Raffle is void where prohibited.

  • Firearms cannot be claimed by anyone other than the person whose name appears on the winning ticket.  

  • By purchasing a ticket, you attest that you may legally possess a firearm. Delivery is subject to standard background checks. A winning ticket holder may be required to verify that ownership of the gun won is legal in their state and/or city or town prior to taking possession of that gun. Winners must be of legal age to accept the type of firearm won.

  • Primary gun transfers will be done through Merrimack Firearms, a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer in Merrimack, New Hampshire. Winnings must be claimed, and its transfer must be completed within 30 days of the raffle date.

  • Should laws require the winner to take possession of a firearm in a different state of residence, winners are responsible for fees associated with firearms transfers (including shipping) to a licensed dealer. At no time will MRGC take possession of any firearms.

  • Winning ticket holders will be notified using the contact information on the ticket stub. It is the sole responsibility of the winning ticket holder to contact Merrimack Firearms in Merrimack, NH to claim their gun in the event that neither Merrimack Firearms nor MRGC can contact the winner.

  • MRGC is not liable or responsible for any warranty, representation, or guarantee to any gun won, including its quality, condition, or suitability or fitness for a particular purpose. Warranties, representations, and guarantees are subject to the manufacturer’s terms and the winning ticket holder agrees to deal directly with the manufacturer if a problem arises.

Contacts to buy tickets: 

  • Jeff Brunelle - 603-508-0084

  • Jason Green - 603-508-7561

  • Dale Shultz   - 978-815-2083


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